Evan Greenberg, President of Sunlight Studios

Evan Greenberg


At the tender age of four, Evan Greenberg attended an after-school theater program and instantly fell in love with performing. As he got older, school theater and performing arts camp kept him on stage around the clock and loving every 
minute. Evan attended NYU film school and went on to live many lives. At the age of 31 though, living as a full-time real estate agent in New York, he suddenly realized just how much he missed the fun of being in shows.

In 2012, Evan founded AfterWork Theater (AWT), a non-profit committed to enriching the everyday lives of adults by creating the opportunity to participate in theatrical experiences that promote fun, community and creative self-expression. Through his work at AWT, Evan came to learn just how scarce rehearsal spaces are in New York City. He launched Sunlight Studios in order to contribute a brand new, state-of-art, affordable series of performing arts studios to America’s epicenter of arts and culture.